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The Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program provides funding through an application process for tobacco-specific student instruction, reinforcement activities, special events, intervention, and cessation programs for students.

Tobacco/Marijuana Prevention/Intervention Services:
  1. Health Education Media-driven Classroom Prevention Presentations and School-wide Preventions
    • Tobacco/Marijuana Interventions
    • Students Cited for Using on School District Grounds Tobacco/Marijuana Interventions
  2. COST and Faculty referred Student Tobacco/Marijuana Interventions
  3. Multi-Session Media Development Sessions: Group Sessions in creating anti-tobacco/marijuana media
  4. Faculty/Parent Workshops Education offered to faculty and parents in utilizing Restorative Practices with Using Students
  5. Peer Education for your After School Program  Student teams developed in after school program to present to their peers
Last Modified on September 20, 2011